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Mortgage TestimonialTom Brandvold at Oak Creek Mortgage, Inc. is the most professional Mortgage Broker Mortgage TestimonialI have had the pleasure of working with. He makes the entire process a joy.

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If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Arizona to provide you with the best possible mortgage advice then please take a look through our site, read our reviews and see why Oak Creek Mortgage is a name to trust for mortgage advice.

I am professional mortgage broker located in Sedona, Arizona which was a move I made a little over a decade ago from Scottsdale. We offer mortgages to people who are looking to purchase residential homes and are looking to find the best rates from a company that offer a high quality service. If you have already spoken to another mortgage broker or a bank about getting a mortgage then we would love to see if we can match, even better the offer you have and provide you with a more personal, friendly service. We feel that whatever offer you may have we can provide a better alternative for home financing. We welcome the chance to compare rate quotes as we believe we will be able to offer a bottom line that will convince you we are the people that offers the more favourable choice.

When dealing with us you will find that we are a company that looks for the best loan and best interest rates for our clients. We know that when you get a loan the interest rates are not going to be changing on a daily basis as much as the pricing for a specific rate may do; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. The market for mortgages is constantly evolving so it is important that you have a broker that understands the market and who will help you to make comparisons between loan estimates and if we believe that the offer that you already have is better than what we can find then we will not hesitate in telling you so.

The financing and mortgage options we currently have available are: Purchase Transactions, Refinances; rate & term and cash out, Conforming Loans; up to $765,000, Jumbo Loans; above $765,501, Federal Housing Administration loans, veterans and active military loans.