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Mortgage TestimonialTom Brandvold at Oak Creek Mortgage, Inc. is the most professional Mortgage Broker Mortgage TestimonialI have had the pleasure of working with. He makes the entire process a joy.

Lucy Taylor
Escrow Officer/Branch Manager
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After relocating to Sedona a little over 10 years ago we have become popular as mortgage lenders for people looking at property in Flagstaff, Arizona.

We specialise in residential home mortgages providing homeowners with the best possible rates and a high quality service. We are so confident of our rates that we know we can compete favorably with any deal you currently have from your mortgage company, bank or credit union. Try us and see what alternatives are available for financing your home.

Many people believe that if you avoid a mortgage broker and go direct to a bank then you are going to get better rates and the fees you are charged will be lower. This is a common misconception and something that we would challenge. Try us and see, we believe our bottom line can convince you that choosing Oak Creek for your mortgage is the best choice you have for home financing.