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Mortgage Testimonial

Mike and I have purchased five homes in our lives and refinanced several times, so we are not new to the housing loan process.  The refinance you handled for us was the least stressful we have ever Mortgage Testimonialencountered.  Thank you for all of your assistance.

Michael Wright and Janyce Carr-Wright

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Oak Creek Mortgage, Inc. relocated from Scottsdale to Sedona in June 2002. We are a residential home mortgage company committed to providing GREAT RATES … AND BETTER SERVICE. We welcome the opportunity to compete against any other mortgage company, or bank, and feel we will provide a better alternative for your home financing. We invite you to compare our rate quote and feel that the bottom-line will convince you that Oak Creek Mortgage is your best home financing choice.

Shopping for the best loan and interest rate

Interest rates don’t change on a daily basis as much as the pricing for a specific rate; and that can change in the course of the day, sometimes better, and sometimes worse.  Because the mortgage environment is constantly changing it is important, when shopping, to do so on the same day and preferably at the same time of that day.  That way you know you are getting an apples for apples comparison.  I will help you compare estimates and if you have one better than what I have offered I will be the first to tell you.

Available Financing, Mortgages, Arizona

  • Purchase Transactions
  • Refinances  (rate & term and cash out)
  • Conforming Loans (underwriting up to $765,500)
  • Jumbo Loans ($765,501 and above)
  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages